Going the way of dinosaurs


Wow. My basic position on this is similar to hers’, in that not being able to imagine the wide-ranging utility of a new technology is more indicative of how limited and era-rooted my own imagination is rather than of how worthwhile said technology actually is.

At the same time… I do think there’s something not right with our world being all about screens, or more precisely, about us staring at screens. In fact… I sometimes feel like we are slaves to the screen. God knows I can be. The screen is the gateway to everything held in one spot. It’s pretty tempting.

But there are so many more things to look at… I’m always personally amazed by the things that clouds do, and by light that passed down between and through leaves in a sort of spray of shimmer. God that’s one of my favourite things. It’s entirely magical, my eye just can’t say no to it. Now… obviously this is kind of going off-track because one doesn’t “look” at a book as one does the sky. One has to look at the book to read the words to end up looking at something in your mind. Yet aside from the usual concern of having your eyes fixated upon a bright light for sustained periods of time, there’s something comforting about the texture of the paper your eyes rest on without you realising it. Continue reading