Little note wasn´t lying!

Okay, so if you look to the left there on what is technically supposed to be the Blogroll  I have a link to my photos on Flickr. I haven´t put all that I have up yet, these ones are only of a bit of home (for my benefit really), Paris and my accomodation in Luz. I have a couple more of the Pyrénées and an extremely limited number of Biarritz because I didn´t get around to recharging my battery. Well, the camera´s battery.

But, I think I will write some more about the Pyrénées and Biarritz before putting the photos up. I´m just horribly anal and sequential like that.  

And just a tip, I recommend trying out the slideshow on Flickr. I´m easily impressed sure, it made me feel like I was watching an advertisement… Plus that´s the option for you if you don´t want to read my commentary accompanying the pictures 🙂

 Happy looking!

 Update: The link is broken. Sigh. I know why, but at this stage I don´t know how to fix it and I don´t have the time right now to look for the smarter way to add such a link, I know people do it all the time. Accept my low-tech solution:

Update #2: HAHA! I totally did it! Yeah, you can either click on this link here or you can click on the photos you see in the sidebar. Doo dee doo dee doo.


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