Por la noche

For anyone who somehow has less common sense that I do: Sickness is likely to result from surfing in rain and cold when you only wear a wetsuit, sin booties or gloves. I think what´s worse than your extremities turning into floppy red pieces of meat while in the sea, is relying on your half-numb feet to carry you on home over cold concrete steps and cobbled footpaths through town. What seals the deal is doing something such as this, and then going out to smokey, thumpin´ bars until the wee hours of the morning over consecutive days. When you still have class in the morning.  

This is the danger of San Sebastián.

Otherwise I´ve been living a fairly normal life here and haven´t been travelling around as much as I would have liked to. Sort of an inevitability when you get sick and when relentless rain, a gloomy grey sky and an ungodly chill are your companions on the walk home from school. However, I have some little excursions planned for this fin de semana, and because I´ve decided to stay home for Easter that will also mean more chances to get a feel for this region.   

As chastised as I feel for my attempts at being young and carefree, I´m not entirely apologetic because San Sebastián is so beautiful at night. Perhaps this is only my belief because I´ve seen maybe 5 hours of sunshine in total since I arrived here two weeks ago, but I still feel complete freedom to state that I think that night-time is when the town is most beautiful. I will try to take some pictures on a clear night and will definitely take more walks around to clarify in my own mind what makes its beauty so doubtless at this time of day. What I can say is that… it evokes a sense of romance that is universally accessible, as also occurs for example when you´re gazing up at a limitlessly animate night sky from upon a wide open space like a beach, field or mountain top.

 It´s that magic that Hollywood so generously allows us to participate in through vicariousness, when it generates stories centered around surprises, fortuitous chance encounters, the mysterious unravelling of fate, and the freedom that we find when we´re lost in a moment. Thinking on it now, what makes romance really work in a movie is probably less about any comfort and happiness we might feel in watching two people express affection for each other, and more about how these stories imply that the wider world, or the universe, or God; how this ¨greater than us¨ does have an attachment to each of us humans, no matter how puny we are. Real romance doesn´t come from thinking that it´s so nice that Jane got flowers from Brad. It comes from feeling a meaning to their story. It comes from wanting to be inspired by our world. So I´m always really grateful to find myself in a place that lets romance be felt and shared by all arrangements of people… In San Sebastián by night you can have a romance-steeped stroll with friend, family member or lover. And it really doesn´t have to be better experienced with one type of walking-mate over another.

Ah shit, now I´m realising I´m going to have to take some spectacular photos. No no no…. you just have to come here 🙂 

It´s worth it. All that romance AND yummy pintxos (tapas) you won´t understand.   


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