The floor is open

I have some questions, which will be posed with the help of visual aids. Unfortunately I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the damn pictures to actually load on this page so I will simply link them. I´m sorry! I know I´m so late 90s…

Instrucciones: There are three questions. Observe the photos of each question and reflect for as long as you wish. If you know the answer, I would be most grateful if you could place it in the comments or email me. Or, tell someone who does email me.

-1- Snowfall (Top right hand corner)

Question: Would it really really hurt if you happened to be under this branch when it yielded to the weight of its cargo?

Reason for asking: I was paranoid all throughout my walk to the Cirque de Gavarnie, paranoid that a bear would sneak up on me from behind a rock and demand my juice; or that all those little crackling sounds were hinting of an avalanche ready storm the mountains. Thankfully snow is white so ¨all throughout¨ was an exaggeration and I was tranquila for most of the excursion. At some point, probably embarrassingly late, I realised that those crackling sounds were due to snow melting on objects in greater proximity to me than you know, the peak of a mountain. That was when I started casting my eyes on tree branches, tree branches laden with snow. Clips from cartoons flashed before my eyes and I wondered what it must really feel like, to have snow fall off a tree branch onto your head. In fact I had a desire to experience it even though it´s clearly not the smartest idea I´ve ever had. I think it would hurt. But then… maybe it all breaks up on the way down and doesn´t fall in a clump like I imagine? 

-2- Churros con chocolate

Question: Is Churros con chocolate usually to be shared amongst several people?

Reason for asking: I ordered this Churros con chocolate, the first of my life, in a seaside town here in Basque Country called Zarautz. It was about 4pm when I ordered it, a little after the normal lunch period here. The man gave me a bit of a strange look the second that I ordered it, not a massive stare or agonised facial contortion or anything, just a bit of a ¨really?¨ in the eyes. I didn´t think anything of it. I was served my Churros a short while later and buhhh.. I don´t know if it looks like a lot in the picture to you but there were 6 churros there, and that chocolate is melted chocolate. And those are regular, large grains of white sugar settling into the grooves of the churros. I was so happy because it could be nothing but pure indulgence. But I was also reticent. And on the way back home on the train I felt the kind of sickness that usually comes from overindulgence in alcohol. Me he emborrachado on Churros con chocolate. So then I wondered… maybe he gave me that look because he was wondering how I could be such a pig, cerdo, cochon? I have discussed it with a friend here and she thinks that it only changes according to the number of chocolates. That when you share you still get one plate but everyone has their own cup of melted chocolate (which is a drink, not just a sauce). Still… all that sugary, friend doughnut… was all that really intended for the consumption of one person? 

-3- Stairway to ……

Question: What purpose does this creation serve?

Reason for asking: When I first saw this structure a little boy was running towards it. So mind picks an answer from the dominant pre-existing associations with the information and tells me ¨Slide!¨ Um… yeah.  A slide of pure concrete, no ladder to help you up and that is so steep that the kid probably would have shattered his spine upon reaching the bottom? Good answer! Next try: ¨Diving board!¨ ……………. Yes, yes, I myself have always considered diving into water so passé, the rage these days is diving onto sand. Or, onto the concrete boardwalk if I want to do a really tight dive. That cage and the difficult ascent is clearly to stop the novices from even thinking about it. Eventually that little bit of sense came dawdling in and suggested that maybe it´s a lifeguard post. The lack of any implement to help a person get up there was still a big problem but I hypothesised that perhaps they were only used in summer and so at this time a rope or rope ladder is attached. And not having it attached most of the time prevents little kids or drunk young people from getting up there when there´s no one around. Sounds reasonable, but I have no idea if this is actually the case. I´d love to know for sure. I think there was a total of 3 of these on the beach, which is also a bit strange because it´s a really long beach but hey, can´t expect them to be everywhere I suppose.

My favourite thought was when Marioland was recalled… You know, how in the game you have doors or portals that are up on a platform in the sky? And you either had to have eaten the leaf so that you had wings or had to have found the incognito bouncy square box to jump on to get up there. It made me think that maybe there is a secret trick with this structure, that if you can figure out how to get up and how it really works, you gain entry into another realm of existence. Or something other than existence! Oooooooo.

Muchas gracias in advance!


3 thoughts on “The floor is open

  1. 🙂

    1: It doesn’t hurt, at least not that amount of snow. It’s a different story if there is ice within the snow, but usually the snow on trees melts before there could be enough ice to hurt you (or at least that’s my experience). It’s different with buildings, they usually have long “iiszäpfe” (icicle) along the roof and those are certainly hurtful and dangerous. Even the snow alone that might fall from a roof can be dangerous as it is much more than the amount of a tree (roof-avalanche).

    2: Don’t know, but it looks like a lot 😉

    3: My best guess would be that they are lifeguard outlooks. At least it really looks like that. My assumption is that they were designed by an architect who wanted to add some “art” to the beach:). I also would say that lifeguards are usually fit enough to run the ramp up.If you would have two of them opposing on a court you could attach basked ball baskets to them :).

  2. hehehehehehe!!!!!!
    Falling snow,
    me thinks the creators of roadrunner and my hero “Coyote!!!” (surely with the magic of holiwood they can make it snow in a desert?!!) show missed a visual and comedic gem!!!!. also makes me wonder if my attraction to Coyote’ies (is that the plural? or is it Coyotes?) is by pure aural similarity of name to Peyote? haha drug fucked brain cells reactivating! well the branch looked rather high so deducing from the law of gravity and sound you would most certainly get a warning shot from the tree before it blanketed you with frosty goodness! as to wether it wud hurt? if it was more then 60% ice yeah! its gona leave a mark! but if fresh it shud break up and leave you happily bemused by the wonder of the universe!
    number two? well from the perspective of me, who has been consuming unbelievable amounts of chocolate ice creamy goodness of late, heh! i cud eat that with both hands tied behind my back! what fun that would be!!!! it seems the pleasant people of Zarautz are not indoctrinated in the joys of grabbing hold of something you love and spinning round and round till you fall over! convulsing with anaphylactic laughter! ahh bliss! so yeah looked fantastically yum!
    Yum= Eat me!
    the third and most certainly acutely hypnotizing photo! um, (center point of reference personal present experience) it is most definetly. WOMAN!!
    to look at magically intriguing! curious in form and design. The awkward beauty of incongruent construction a mismatch of form and function weaved into a basket of concrete reality! If any sembalence or arrangement of colours are able create a painting that can give you access to the to summit of the structure. then somewhat surely as the snow must fall from a tree when it melts, chocolate in the proximity of a lover must be devoured to replicate the goodness of love. Then a short parachute-less free fall must occur if you are to ever find your self again! hope that cleared up the photon deception! oh and as for the bears! Surely a gentle Sincere appeal to the wisdom mind of bearness, mainly the onyx & moxie type would leave any foraging bear with only one line of enquiry? “hey hows it going? could I have a hug? and by chance do you like salmon? cos I know a really good spot just down the way, we can go fishing if you like???” *insert enthusiastic wild bear with fishing pole*
    mmmmwah! love ya sue sue!

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