Update: The best ambassador

Earlier today I left to organise my train travel with a pair of authentic, down-to-earth kiwi girls (from Alexandra no less!) as companions, and as I was leaving the hostel I ran into the South Korean girl. I asked her what time she was leaving, she said tonight, and so I said great, I´ll still get to see you later then.

I did spend a long time at the internet café getting those posts out however and also got distracted by the wonderfulness of the infamous red brick park. Which in actual fact is not ¨red¨ brick, it´s more a faded orange. This makes a big difference! This evening there were hippies playing the drums, oddly enough evoking Chinese New Year for me, and a tall woman practising a flamenco dance on the honorary stage, right where the capoeira people had been playing and doing their roda last night. Plus today´s dusk was even more beautiful and soul soothing than yesterday´s.

So bad bad Susan. I should have raced back to make sure I couldn´t lose this awesome person. Obviously I was prepared to lose her. Why? Maybe it´s because I have a small part of me that is irritatingly French. The moment, the conversation, the night of words and ideas and stories itself, of our shared interest and enthusiasm, was perfect in my world. I didn´t need anything more. I mean, I hadn´t ¨needed¨ her in the first place before even meeting her, and it was almost like it was too much, it´s like when someone is giving you things and helping you all the time and you are just flabbergasted. You have no idea why you, how did you get so lucky. I think… I don´t have much foresight right now. I´m so content. I´ve been really so happy here in Granada, and so happy to be able to travel around at my will and leisure. I didn´t consider that by not making sure I kept in touch with her I´d not get to learn more from her in the future and not get to feel that kinship that is really not easy to find. I just felt completely sated and good.

In saying this when I got back to the hostel I had a gentle expectation that there would be some note left for me by her. I´m not saying gentle to not sound like a dick, it was really a sort of quiet confidence. But I passed through the reception area and there was nothing. I was somewhat surprised, but not really worried. A little disappointed, but again… this was quite mild and it didn´t go right to the heart of me, which was strange seeing as I liked her so much.

Flash to later this evening when one of the kiwi girls is tentatively calling out to me from the floor, I´m on the highest bunk – the third tier. She had a message to give me from the Korean girl 🙂 It had her email and said that she wanted to keep in touch. And she also wished me a good journey to ¨Switchland¨ :))) and ended with a classic Korean-type smiley face, which is like ^^ with an o underneath it.

I´m really happy about that right now. After writing all this I wonder if perhaps I´m not a clear asshole, seeming so blasé about … I dunno, ¨pursuing¨ her. God this is sounding strange. But… When it works, it works. I don´t know how to describe it without being even weirder, but it´s like we both stepped in the same flow, the same current that´s going downstream somewhere. We´re both in there anyway, I don´t need to architect anything.

I need to sleep. I´m very uncertain about whether there´s any sense in what I´m saying, and I´m definitely off to the Alhambra early tomorrow morning!


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