Whew… tough off the horse

Whewwwww… okay, a little post to start with. You can do it Susan, you can do it!

I am now, right now, in Switzerland. I have been here for over two weeks. I have moved around the country a fair bit in this time, some of the trips productive (in a “yay, tasty brain and soul food!” way), some less so. I’ve based myself at a friend’s place in the Mittelland area and under his extremely sage advice embarked on my trips by train with the aid of a …drumrolldrumrolldrumroll… !! Swiss Youth Pass !!. Best tourist incentive ever. For a flat fee which depends on how long you want the pass for, you get to travel by train, bus and boat on the majority of possible routes available without paying or booking for them. I know! It’s crazy. And so freeing. Within a given destination, if you for some queer, impossible reason happen to miss your bus -ahem-, you can trot down to the lake to see what time the boat to the same location leaves and take that instead. And train hopping… it’s a beautiful thing. Not having to worry about timetables, just as long as you can get one of the several trains that pass through your desired station somewhere along their line. It’s funny because I am a planner. Well… hmmm. Sometimes I enjoy planning, sometimes it’s a burden. [Aside: Wow I’m feeling pretty equivocal right now “sometimes…… sometimes”.] But I certainly don’t find it difficult once I know what it is I want. So the pass is a double-edged sword – on one hand I love flying by the seat of my pants and having alllllllllllll these options shaking their asses at me – “hey baby, wanna ride?”; on the other, because I like to feel like I’m making the best choice for that precise moment, I can be horribly indecisive in the face of such freedom and choice. The kicker is that indecision is a time-devourer. That’s always it eh, real freedom in any realm is ultimately tricky. You’ve either got to be mature or get mature to handle it.

I hope I’m a step closer to that but I wouldn’t put money on it.

Anyway, this has been a but a mite of a post to get back into the habit. To keep myself honest, I will state for the record that my next posts will be about my impressions and understanding of the Basque cause, and about my time and thoughts about dr Schwiiz, the country. Respectively. I also hope to further upload and organise my photos into sets so that I can link particular photos to things I’ve talked about or places I’ve described.

That will wait the weekend though. We are off to Zermatt tomorrow to hike for an indeterminate period of time and to gaze in wonderment at the Matterhorn.





(*Susan’s lame Swiss-related “in-joke”. To be revealed…)


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