Where in the world


An update for I know I have been AWOL. I am now back in France, on the southwest coast. I’ve got some fixed accommodation and a trial for work. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that because I have visions I’m trying to push out of my mind of saying “Pardon?” a billion times and infuriating my French customers with my duncey manner of taking their order. Hopefully smiling a lot will be my saving grace in case of a language emergency.

I have great hopes of making good friends with the sea, and having time to do the things I love such as writing, learning music stuff, being with nature and accosting animals on the street for a session of “Aww, aren’t you a cutie! And so soft! Look at you!”. Not to mention the “Yeahh, I know brother, I know” when they start miaowing or woofing. Or making some other animal noise… (J’en reve….)

Ahhh, the waves. It’s starting to become time to shed the wetsuit too. Truth be told it’s about one day of swell for six of flat, but mmmm, waves.  

I was thiiis } close to coming back to NZ early though. Who knows, I still might. But I would have never suspected it. I’m a traveller, aren’t I?


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