Dedicated to my mother

A quick update and dedication before I continue on with the posts I am currently writing.

Update: I am in Switzerland for a short stay while I decide my next move. Italy in particular looks to be on the cards soon.

Dedication: I’ve today come across Idiolect, a blog that has posted some great quotes as well as some interesting discussion. This is where I found the following quote, which goes out to you mum.

People think of good and bad teachers as engaged in the same activity, as if education was a substance, and that bad teachers supply a little of the substance, and good teachers supply a lot. This makes it difficult to understand that education can be a destructive process, and that bad teachers are wrecking talent, and that good and bad teachers are engaged in opposite activities.

Keith Johnstone, in Impro


Right on. I’m glad that you fight the good fight.


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