Status report Italia


So, in Italy at the moment. I’m no longer in Emilia Romagna (where Bologna is), and have taken it easier since the first day. Have had encounters with nicer variety Italians and found myself taken with the town of Parma. You know, lame confession time – one, but not the entire, reason why I wanted to go to Bologna was because the main character in the bad John Grisham novel I read in Switzerland when I was sick was sent there for his witness relocation. I’d heard about Bologna from some other sources too, but the book described it as a citta’ of beautiful food every three steps, of magical porticoes (which truthfully, yeah for me they were 🙂 I heart porticoes!), and of unusualness. I mean, it reportedly has a history of communist and socialist sympathy; and an anti-pope temple was built, a sort of civic temple for everyone. Of course, it was never completed…

Ironically, there was a brief reference to Parma in there too, I think the main character was threatened with being shifted on to Parma… and main character wasn’t keen because oh no, it’s a small town!

Parma is not a small town. It’s a large town. And it feels on the whole much easier to be in than Bologna. The colour scheme is much gentler, the lanes and walkways seem clearer, and there is a feeling of more space there in general.

But most importantly of all… my curiosity while there led me to a wonderful, magnificent discovery.


Jogola is a store located on Borgo San Biagio. Has everyone written that down? It is…oh… a store that starts out with a cute plastic cup, puts spoonfuls of fresh fruit of your choice in the bottom (I chose strawberries and mixed fruit), then puts the yoghurt of your choice on next (I chose frozen yoghurt), and then puts toppings on top to finish it off (I chose almond slivers and these sweet oaty clusters). Other orders may be possible too, for some people had fruit on the top. It is… absolutely the best thing for summer. It’s healthy, and cool, and tasty, and looks so damn good! Oh it’s like owning a springtime fair.

New Zealand needs this, now, or soon.

Anyyyyway. I have taken pictures and really planned on uploading them while I was writing the last entry. But, luck would have it that the CPU of this computer is old, and probably wont voluntarily accept my USB. I could try to shove it into the floppy disk drive…

I want to do it somewhere soon though. Some of the pictures accompany the last entry, and this one (you get to see my jogola creation!), plus I need all the space I can get on my extremely limited memory cards.

Okay. Status report over. Ciao!


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