Two reasons to have a blog

The searches that brought people to my blog today and yesterday:


what kind of cows are furry


bums on old men


I got into San Sebastian after 10pm last night. You have no idea how good it feels to get into a place late like that and know that you can walk back home. You had hoped but of course there were no taxis, yet the town is so safe and you know your way around so naturally that there are no second thoughts about doing it. I was a happy camper, even with 23kg on my back and 5 on the front and I was looking at a 20-30 minute walk home. San Sebastian really is an incredibly beautiful place to walk around in at night, and I felt such a sense of being at home.

I have a lot of homes now actually. 

Stepped outside to a bright day and a careless light blue sky this (somewhat) morning. I am so happy to be back here. It´s good to do things more than once.


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