Gasp… some life?

Yes, that’s me twitching a finger almost imperceptibly from beneath the rubble…

As some of you may know I’ve been in Santa Cruz, California for the last month. Just got back into the country (of NZ) the wee hours of this morning and in my strange state of borderline perceptual and comprehension abilities (fueled by panini and mocha consumption a few hours ago) I have put myself to the work of uploading a few photos. Photos of Santa Cruz! [In my mind I pronounce it Spanish stylez, so – Photos of ¡¡Sshahn-ta Cruuthh!!)

You can choose whether to believe this or not but I think that the outlook looks good for written posts to come… Of course that waits until I’ve gotten enough sleep and stop getting myself loopy on chocolatey coffee.

Oh, the link!

There are a few more I have yet to put up as well, mainly of the Wednesday farmer’s market, but those were harder to sort today because they involve crowd shots and people and so yeah, I’m not so great with the tough decisions at the moment. They’ll be added in the next few days for sure.

So enjoy alors! Peace out.


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