Not so kind after all

For those of you who have expressed appreciation of the photo posted in “Come to me for direction”, I have another photo to show you what my first instinct truly was.

Nought but a thief

What you don’t see is what followed my daring yet cheeky escapade. After I stole his lance I jumped back and pointed it at his chest, declaring “Ho ho! Who is the MASTER sword-stealer eh? Who, pray tell, WHO??”

To which he responded with a swipe of his arm, deftly grabbing the weapon back from me by holding onto its blade (you wouldn’t believe it but those gloves are crazy strong man). Narrowing his eyes into even thinner slits within those eye slits, he muttered into his mask “Damnit, why is this forest filled with monkeys?!”

He’s a nice guy really.


On another note I’d like to throw out a general call for advice or recommendations. I am currently interested in putting up more photos from my travels however I am determined to get myself off of flickr. I’m also not interested in using any other website gallery service (like ringo, photobucket etc), I want greater control and rights to my pictures. So two questions really:

1. Is the only way to do this to have my own website? ( ~something I’m not completely keen on because as far as text blogging goes I like using WordPress)

2. Do I have to become knowledgeable in coding ways to be able to have my own gallery or are there tools I can use that make the process easier?

I am prepared to learn things provided there is good instruction available somewhere, but the main aim is to have a way of sharing my photos without giving businesses the ability to withhold them from me or share them with other sites with no warning.


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