Women who inspire: Laleh Seddigh

One reason why I love the BBC international news – today there was a feature on Laleh Seddigh, a racecar driver in Iran who is also a woman. I admire female racers and any woman breaking through male-exclusive sports in general, but that she has the guts to push her case in Iran when she’s got the weight of the government and the majority of men pushing back against her makes her especially inspiring.

newswire: Iran bans Laleh Seddigh, the ‘female Schumacher’

Female race driver kicked off the course in Tehran – This article repeats some of the points of that first one, but I wanted to include it because of the last paragraph:

However, Shahr-yari then added this menacing comment: “Women are speaking highly of themselves and that causes men who sacrifice their lives for this sport disappointment. Women are not champions, in this sport; they are only participants. If they observed regulations more, they would not have such problems.”

Thank you BBC! And thank you Laleh and other unsung pioneer women in Iran, you encourage all women: those who haven’t had a voice, those who have, and those who have but haven’t believed in its worth.


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