A few places of interest

Just wanted to share a few of my places of interest:

www.sciencedaily.com – There is a lot of stuff here! A whole section of stories on plastic!! (my current minor obsession) As well as subcategories of Mind & Brain, Time & Space etc… It’s not particularly eye or soul friendly, meaning its design is more like clutter, but it seems to have a lot and that’s what I like about it.



www.dear-god.net – I get a bit suspicious about it because of how designed it is – how slick and matched up the photos are to the stories. But there are some beautiful photos there, and if it does happen to be the same one person writing the letters they do manage to get some variety in there. From the person writing to thank god for the fact that “God” doesn’t need to exist anymore to the person who wanted to know who their parents were….. some of them are what you expect and some are not… The one that affected me the most immediately when I first came across this site some months ago was this one. Perhaps because I’m very familiar with minimum wage jobs though fortunately not dependent on them, and so that alone gave me an idea of the struggle so many people have to go through. I may not be established as I approach the 25 year mark, but I have always been supported through my muddling and doubt.

Science, nerdiness, science-nerdiness…..GOD! Ain’t no one tricky pony here 😉


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