The floor is open #4 – Food in other forms


For those who had a look at the Life may not be binary… post before it was finished, you can now read the rest of it 🙂

Otherwise Easter time has given me a new question to throw out there:

Have you ever found that the same food tastes better/different in other forms? For example that chocolate tastes even better in Easter bunny or Easter egg form; or that ice cream tastes better as spaghetti ice cream than as regular round scoops?

I was just wondering if anyone else feels the same way, and whether there are other examples in addition to chocolate and ice cream. Which by the way, didn’t even need improving; it’s nice to think that the sky is the limit for even the most delicious things in life already.


One thought on “The floor is open #4 – Food in other forms

  1. Well sadly in most cases “Noone” asks you whether you want vinegar with your fish and chips???? my point being. its the little things, our belief in the now.
    I totally disagree thou! Ice cream could be better…. It could be free…
    food made with love is soul food, love made without food leaves one feeling hungry.

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