Flourishing vege garden

It’s been a while since my last update so here are some pictures taken yesterday 🙂

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To get a sense of how the garden has developed over time here are the previous updates:




It’s crazy because now that I have the garden in this happy, flourishing state that it’s in, I find it hard to imagine that it was ever any different. It’s great to have these photos to look back on, though I am missing pictures of the original weedy wilderness it was when I first started with it.


3 thoughts on “Flourishing vege garden

  1. Wow! After all those years of dead pot plants, you have really aced it. It’s cool the way the nasturtiums give body to the garden. It’s all getting nicely covered over. I still have big patches of bare earth but I shall have to be more patient. My little plants are still battling the hens.

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