The pleasurable things in life

9th of August, 2006

Watching Spongebob Squarepants

9th of September, 2006

Lying in a room hushed with grey while the rain unhurriedly deconstructs the outside world

Some evening in September, 2006

Dancing around in indiscriminate splendour to pick-and-mix downloaded pop music

12th of November, 2006

Taking blind photos of yourself and a friend sitting on a small slope of soil and wood chips, your camera-ready faces jostling against the heads of roses

28th of August, 2008

Scratch-stroking a dog’s nose with the pads of my fingertips: right way…. wrong way; right way…. wrong way; right way….

Watching how happy she is fulfilling her instinct to chase a ball

11th of September, 2008

Bopping to ukelele music

15th of October, 2008

Finding a huge chunk of cookie in what had thus far turned out to be an exercise in cream, during an exploratory session within a pottle of cookies & cream ice cream. I hit the motherload! Cookie is the point of cookies & cream right?

I am so impressed with myself. I should be an archaeologist.

19th of December, 2008

Watching a small group of blond 8 year old boys huddled in front of a young Japanese guy who has got them participating in his magic card trick. The look on their faces, so serious and in concentration while so fascinated and lost in another world.

17th of May, 2009

Walking down pretty suburban streets in anticipation of getting to the ramp that takes you down to the sea…… and discovering it is not blue at all, but endless silver. The sheer surprise of it, combined with the reminder that the sea has different moods and days too.

Even its textures and movements were unusual and unusually varied yesterday evening. There was the trembling, agitated vibration of the thinnest film of water – something I’d never seen before. The slow rolling and folding over of the shallow waves soon to reach shore. The messy blips pushing each other along further out, making their way up along the coast without a second thought for stopping to check out sand or the tentative feet of beachgoers. The broad singular face of the sea – perfectly calm and preoccupied.

Surprises are pleasurable.

24th of June, 2009

The smell of a new guitar in your arms

17th of August, 2009

The smell of rain in the air and coming off the damp ground combined with the smell of pine forest :)

27th of August, 2009

Warm tea in the belly

30th of March, 2010

Ending a barefoot jog with a jump into the sea, fully clothed.

Freedom, refreshment, feeling so kid-like and Malaysian.

**Bonus – how the sound of your shorts slapping against your skin evokes that scene in the Sound of Music where a soggy Maria has to present in front of the Captain and the Baroness after falling out of the canoe with the kids.**

6th of April, 2010

Fingers and toes

10th of May, 2010

Taking pride in work well done

21st of June, 2010

The word  conversate

Jesus christ how I love that word. It actually makes me feel good inside when I hear it, especially unexpectedly. Now all I need to do is develop the right tone of voice in which to say it so that I can speak it aloud. Because there really is a way to say “conversate“, just need to find my voice italics.

26th of June, 2010

Happy chit-chat along with a genuine, lovely smile from teenage checkout operators at the supermarket.

There’s really nothing like a kind-hearted teenager.

7th of July, 2010

Belting out a song without the tiniest drop of self-consciousness

Oh yeah, I’m looking at you One Headlight


3 thoughts on “The pleasurable things in life

  1. You…. Are sooooooooooooo, oooo, o Grand…. your mind is free with things that others find imposible. thats what makes me feel cheerished to know you…. Meeow! do they have cat proof coral yet? if so I’l show you my cat 🙂

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